Welcome to the Radical Rhythms Online Archive. Here you will find just about every RR
track ever released to the public. All releases are in module format (MOD, XM or DMF).

Be ready to download about 3 0 0 megs of pure underground music. Tracked and
composed between 1994 till 1999. Keep in mind that all the stuff is available on cd -
ready to order. Just choose CD contents at the nav, to view the complete directories.

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What about a new X-Tracker ? Windows - 32bit ?

just a quick comercial break :)
The suggested players & trackers

DMF (D-lusion XTracker) -<- XT/XPlay v3.00 (DOS) - Cubic Player (Win95)
XM (Fasttracker v2.00 - v2.09) -<- Fasttracker v2.08 (DOS) - Modplug v1.42 or above
IT (Impluse Tracker) -<- Impulse Tracker v2.14 or above - Modplug v1.42 or above
MP3 (compressed wave files) -<- Use the latest Winamp version or Cubic player for DOS

Known Problems

Some files couldn´t be distribute or added to the cd/archive. (C)opyright reasons.

Files with " & - $ - # " coudn´t be loaded via Netscape

Available on CD

Modplug v1.42 (XM/IT/WAVE)
XPlay v3.00 (DMF - DOS)

Available on Internet

Monolab Underground Music (
Cosmics personal Homepage (
Free WebMail Account (

XT32amp DMF Player (
Cubic Player (
Winamp (
Fasttracker (
Impulse Tracker (

eMail contact :

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all rights reserved. webpage updated at 12.11.2001

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